We are the prodcuer of paperwool. Paperwool is a cheap and environmentally friendly filling material suitable for filling gift boxes, Christmas gift boxes, wine packages, and fruit baskets. Paperwool is a recycling product and by using this product you contribute to sustainability.  Paperwool is produced following the cradle-to-cradle principle.


The raw material of paper wool is made of waste streams. Paper wool is recyclable.

  • Paper wool is available in the colors: white, cream, yellow
  • Paper wool is packed in plastic bags. The weight of 1 bag is approx. 25 kg.
  • 1 pallet with paper wool bales consists of 20 bales ( +/- 500 kg)
  • Delivery of 1 bale is possible. 


If you need more information or you would like to receive a quotation please contact us.