NOVO Packaging & Warehousing is a professional full service packaging and warehousing company with more than 60 years of experience. You and your company are the at center of NOVO Packaging & Warehousing.


Supplying tailored printed or non-printed corrugated packaging:

  • From consumer packaging  to industrial heavy duty packaging
  • Printed or non-printed packaging
  • Small boxes or large (pallet) boxes
  • Corrugated board qualities from single wall to triple wall or even laminated corrugated board.
  • From small to large production quantities
  • Combination packaging (wood in combination with corrugated board)



Die-cut corrugated packaging: On our flat-bed die-cutter we are able to die-cut your packaging in smaller or larger series. It is even possible to die-cut triple wall (thickness 15 mm) corrugated board.

iStock 000003085506SmallPR1D9916-1 500px  


Corrugated inserts: We are able to produce inserts without die-cutting. The inserts can be made of B-C-EB or BC corrugated board quality. The inserts are mechanically assembled and directly ready for use. 


PR1D9932  PR1D9922 500px


Corrugated sheets:  We can supply you with tailored corrugated sheets in small and large quantities. The sheets can be produced from single to triple wall qualities. Some possible application of the sheets are: pallet sheets, protection sheets, or sheets between layers of products.


PR1D9911  corrugated-sheet


Lamination of corrugated packaging parts:

We have the unique ability to glue different corrugated parts to each other mechanically.

  • Corrugated boxes (from single wall to triple wall *) can be laminated with a corrugated inner sleeve in order to increase the bending stiffness and the compression strength of a box.  Lamination can be applied to both small boxes and large (pallet) boxes.
  • Corrugated (die-cut) sheets  can be laminated as well. 




In addition to providing custom-made corrugated packaging we can offer the following services:

  • Maintaining stock of your packaging. If requested, we can supply the packaging just in time (JIT). 
  • Supply of stretch film, shrink-wrap film, (printed) packaging tapes, pallets, etc..
  • Supply of smaller and/or combined deliveries is possible. 



NOVO Packaging & Warehousing is equipped with a large plotter machine. On this machine we can realize your corrugated packaging design and ideas in smaller quantities . An order as small as 1 piece is possible.

The maximum size of the corrugated sheets we can put on our plotter is 2400 x 5000 mm. The maximum thickness that can be processed on this plotter is 15 mm. 


Plotter products can be applied in:

  • Shop,  fair, and museum decoration
  • Furniture
  • Publicity objectives
  • Art designs
  • Letters
  • Wall decoration
  • Test purposes of corrugated packaging 



NOVO Packaging & Warehousing has more than 60 years of experience in contracting work in the corrugated packaging industry. We act as a professional production extension for the corrugated packaging plants. Activities that are not part of your core business can be outsourced to our company. 


We specialize in the following:


  • Lamination of corrugated packaging parts of both smaller boxes as large (pallet) boxes in qualities from single to triple wall.
  • Die-cutting (flat bed die-cutter)
  • Tape and glue work
  • Pallet tilting
  • Repair and sorting activities



* single wall,  double wall  (2 flutings- maximum thickness 10 mm) and triple wall (3 flutings- maximum thickness 15 mm).